For the first time, Zimbabwe joined the world in celebrating the International Day of Women and Girls in Science under the theme, “Equality and Parity in Science for Peace and Development.”

The day, which was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly, is celebrated annually on the 11th of February in most countries around the world.

Two organisations leading in the advancement of girls and women in science development and parity namely Tech Women Zimbabwe and Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World (OWSD) sponsored the inaugural celebrations in the country.

Part of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) showcase at Girls High School. Photo Cred- Tech Women

We interviewed Sicelo Dube, the co-founder of Tech Women Zimbabwe-popularly known as the ‘Stem Lady’ in science-tech circles- about the event held at Girls High School Harare.

“Today I felt it wise that I sponsor this event so as to get it out there that there is an International Day for Women and Girls in Science which has never been celebrated in Zimbabwe, but it is there. We want Zimbabweans to know that there are women and girls in science who need to be supported,” she said.

Sicelo Dube Co-Founder of Tech Women Zimbabwe speaking at the event. Photo credit- Tech Women

“This is where development starts. If you empower a woman, that is empowering the nation. So, if we push on developmental programs to do with girls and women in science we will definitely be pushing the economic growth of Zimbabwe and even industrial and infrastructural development because I feel we are in a position to do that as women.” she added.

Dube said the program aims to provide mentors for young girls who are interested in science.

“This event brings the women and girls together, hoping that we create mentorship links. We want all the girls who are here to go back home with a mentor. We want them to talk to women in the industry or even a student who is in a tertiary institution. We can only do it through that tag team and supporting each other,” she said.

Students following proceedings at Girls high School. Photo Cred- Tech Women.

“Mentorship is the foundation and also telling our stories as women. There are women doing great things, women creating solar panels, women helping in energy and women in manufacturing. We have to tell our stories so that these girls look up to us,” Sicelo Dube .

Main Image Credit- Tech Women.

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