“What is Your ‘Why’?” Up ‘a’ Step Kicks of the Year With Self Awareness Program

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Shortly before 12 pm on the 5th of January, Up ‘a’ Step, a youth-oriented platform hosted a Self Awareness Program at the refurbished Newlands Country Club. The group was supercharged to share and grow and the meeting room, embellished with artwork and chic mirrors proved the perfect setting to network in a relaxing atmosphere.

Up ‘a’ Step founder Rufaro Chirewa put the event together, with Lawyer, Designer and Social Change Agent Chenesai Mangoma as the program contributor.

Image credit- @upastep1

Rufaro, who is a final year International Finance student and an athlete, created the platform to help students navigate between student and work life, an area in which most find themselves stuck.

It’s a resource for students who are trying to be out there, go up a step in life, network more, students who need help with their job searching process,” she explains.

Up ‘a’ Step founder Rufaro Chirewa.

The Self Awareness Program was strategically penciled in at the beginning of the year, a time when most people are in reflective mode, to pick the brains of young people about their goals for the year and how they are working towards achieving them.

“In order for you to set mindful goals, you need to first understand yourself…we were able to talk to so many youth about self-awareness, about identifying what makes them different, their strengths. We also asked a lot of questions like, What is your ‘why’?, How do you want to feel in 2019?  What is your motto? How are you going to maintain that?” says Rufaro

The group participated in a strength analysis exercise in which individuals took turns to discuss their strengths and how they would like to make a difference this year.

Chenesai encouraged collaboration and for everyone to look outside themselves to contribute to society asking “beyond you, then what?


“It’s always the ones that give service that get the most pleasure,” Chenesai added.

Program contributor Chenesai Mangoma poses with each of the event participants. Photo credit- Chenesai Mangoma Instagram @chenesaink

Participant Gillian Mandioma found the program useful and is determined to tackle issues head-on in 2019.

“I’m really happy that many people my age and younger are doing amazing things and I’m just really encouraged to actually start acting upon things and executing them,” Gillian said.



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