Tatenda Jasi (24), Cheryl Musimwa (23) and Christine Zindoga (30) have successfully reimagined the concept of picnicking through their business- The Picnic Factory. Cheryl Musimwa takes us through their journey.

You have a very interesting business concept, how did The Picnic Factory idea come up?

I love Pinterest and WeHeartIt and I saw a few pictures of picnic setups and I fell in love with the idea. [I] decided to bring it to life with the help of my friends and business partner who encouraged and supported the idea.

Credit- The Picnic Factory.

When did you officially launch the business?

The Picnic Factory was launched in February 2018, so its been running for about 9 months now.

Credit- The Picnic Factory.

What services do you offer?

We offer bespoke picnics, event styling, planning, and décor.

Credit- The Picnic Factory.

Was it easy to break into the industry?

Not at all. The idea of picnics was foreign to people so trying to sell it was difficult at first, but after we did a few setups, people gradually warmed up to the idea and the demand grew.

Credit- The Picnic Factory.

What are your business values?

Perseverance, passion, and innovation.

What lessons have you learnt along the way?

Determination is important; you should always remember why you started.

Are there any picnics that you’ve hosted that stand out to you?

A bridal shower that we did a few months ago and a glamourous birthday picnic we did last week. Both were just absolutely stunning in ways we hadn’t anticipated.

What makes it worthwhile?

We brought to life something that had never been done before in Zimbabwe and we’ve watched it grow organically through our hard work and support from our clients. Being pioneers and trendsetters of something as unique as our picnics is so fulfilling.

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