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The topic of beauty enhancements is pretty broad, from the more subtle enhancements like lip fillers to more extreme forms like plastic surgery.

Admittedly, I’m drawn to a more natural approach to beauty because that’s what feels authentic to me. I hardly wear makeup if at all and I’ve never had eyelash extensions because I’ve always perceived the process to be painful and uncomfortable- cue my eyebrow threading experience that left me in tears- a story for another day!

However, when I walked into the ‘Cinnic Lashes’ exhibition booth at the Absolute Health and Lifestyle Expo last weekend, I was impressed.

The Cinnic Lashes stand at the Absolute Health and Beauty Expo.

Founder of the business Precious Runyararo Gava’s one on one care with her clients was a breath of fresh air. I watched her carefully remove and prep her clients’ lash extensions before inserting new ones. In between, she snuck in a few questions to follow up on a story with a client. It felt like a self-care session, I was not surprised to learn that Precious was affectionately known as the ‘Beauty Psychologist’ in her circles. There’s something to be said about great work ethic and taking care of your clientele and I felt that her story was worth sharing for this week’s #SmallBusinessFriday segment.

What inspired you to start your business?

I have really short eyelashes and I have always admired people with naturally long eyelashes. I tried the cluster ones before but they looked too artificial and I’m more of an enhanced natural look type of woman.

I came across individual eyelash extensions and I was intrigued by how natural they looked and one can play around with different lengths and curl shape…the interest grew stronger. Fast forward two years later, I opened an eyelash studio where one can come and get single lash extensions and learn more about the eyelash application techniques.

Credit- Cinnic Lashes Instagram

What are your business values?

Client satisfaction is crucial, I make it a top priority to leave my clients feeling satisfied with my service.

Communication- that interaction between my client and I is important. She tells me her specifications and I advise her on the merits and demerits so that she knows exactly what she wants.

Health and safety- One needs to practice caution when dealing with eyes, I make it a point to do so.

Professionalism and Value for money

Credit- Cinnic Lashes Instagram

 What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty is an expression of one’s personality. It’s more than extensions, make up, and skin treatments. It’s a way of life that’s expressed in different forms depending with your beliefs.

Was it hard to break into the industry?

Initially yes, because I thought that it was hard. I changed my perception afterwards and realised that I made it seem hard. You only need to have the will and drive to achieve a set goal.

What have you learnt so far about being an entrepreneur?

Work hard, always give your best and have a positive outlook on life.



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