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This week’s #SmallBusinessFriday features Daphne Pfumojena, a Zimbabwean Registered Nurse specialising in dementia and neurodegenerative illnesses. Daphne lives between London and Bali, where she designs and curates her plant-based organic basic line BumBoos. 

Daphne, designer and founder of BumBoos.

What have you been up to lately?

I am currently on a hiatus [from nursing] so I can focus on building my brand.

What inspired the name BumBoos? 

A dear friend (Farai)’s husband came up with the name.  The idea was drawn from bamboo, as I use organic cotton infused with bamboo fabric to make underwear.  Another clever meaning behind it is “the boo to your bum”….BumBoos.

BumBoos by Daphne Pfumojena.

Please explain your product?

I make comfortable underwear, from organic cotton infused with bamboo fabric.  The fabric is plant dyed using Indigofera, mango leaves just to mention a few.  The style of the underwear is full briefs, and the idea was to offer something comfortable and functional.  I despise wearing anything which requires my attention throughout the day, fixing and moving it around and that.

I have worn full briefs (granny knickers as they are referred to) for the longest time and I also know a lot of women do, and yet we often succumb to the pressures of mainstream media- to be skinny and wear thongs.  As women, we should define sexy as we perceive. Wear whatever tickles your fancy.  I’m not bashing thongs, if that’s what you fancy, wear that, but if you fancy yourself some granny knickers, wear them and wear them with pride.

Organic, plant-based fabric is used to create BumBoo underwear and bralettes.


Your product is described as organic, slow fashion can you explain why it was important to use this approach for your underwear line.

I decided to focus on creating something comfortable with health benefits, as organic cotton is soft and absorbent, minimising the risk of moisture-related infections, such as thrush/yeast infections.

The process of making the underwear is slow, with a lot of focus on sustainability.  Natural dyeing is a slow process, which requires, sourcing or growing of raw materials, boiling, fermenting, repeatedly dipping and drying until the desired colour is achieved, then mordanted with vinegar.  No chemical is used in the process as I am mindful of the impact such practices have on the human race, animals and our planet.

I also wanted to create something durable and long-lasting as fast fashion is having a detrimental impact on our planet.

Sustainability is a key element of the brand’s ethos.

How do you balance your time between London and Bali?

This is all very new to me as I only launched BumBoos less than a year ago.  So far its been focusing on production in Bali and back to London during summer to sell in person and building connections.

Do you work with a team?

So far, its a one-man band.  Which is tough.  I do however have some amazing darlings who help me with photography and modeling.  During summer, some friends and my boyfriend work with me at markets/festivals.

Daphne works alone, but collaborates with models and photographers for her project.

What is the greatest lesson you’ve learnt so far from starting your business?

Oh dear, endless don’t even know where to start.  I love the creative process but not much the numbers, which I am learning to pay more attention to.  Both are equally as important so I have to give both as much attention. The importance of being confident and sure of my product, believing in myself, assertive when need be…..all work in progress.

Website:  www.bumboos.co.uk



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    Love the write up Tate! And well done Daphne for starting this venture!

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      Thanks Ojima! It really is a great venture..


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