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My natural hair journey began with a mental transition from wanting my hair to look “less black” to loving, understanding and embracing every fiber of my crown. The moment I began to think differently about my natural hair, my whole outlook on life changed. I learnt to appreciate myself as a black woman as opposed to trying to dumb down my beauty, which lied essentially within my ethnicity.

Although I have technically been natural my whole life, I still had to transition from the heat damage I had caused from constantly straightening my hair with flat irons and hair dryers. One day I was on the Internet looking at pictures of women with beautiful Afros, and I was in awe. These women looked so beautiful, I wanted my hair to look like that but I was scared that my peers and the general public would laugh at me.

Before I learnt to embrace my hair, I would constantly straighten it with flat irons which damaged it in the end.

My hair texture was different from the women I saw online, so I did further research and found my hair type and other “influencers” that had similar hair type and followed different regimes and so forth.

The idea of having to search for women that looked like me showed me how important it is to grow up seeing your beauty portrayed in the media because a lot of us grew up with a European standard of beauty, which is sad. After finding the regimen that best suited me, I started setting hair goals for myself based on what length I wanted to achieve and volume. I’m not a natural hair guru but I am a natural hair fanatic.

Length Check.

My regimen-which I will share in the coming week- is very simple because I am a lazy natural with very fragile strands, so I always have my hair in protective styles. My natural hair journey as cliché as it may seem was more than just changing a hairstyle, it was one of self-acceptance and growth. It is a journey that will be tedious but it is extremely rewarding.



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