Adjoah Armah is a Ghanaian born writer, curator and visual anthropologist based between London and Accra. For the Fashion Futures project, Adjoa is creating content for Zimbabwe.

Adjoa Armah

A significant part of an anthropologist’s work is centered on the evolution of societies and traditions, and Adjoa tactfully marries this with visual aesthetics.  Her roots in fashion design, as well as the influence of her Ghanaian heritage and British upbringing, are articulated in her art.

In 2015, she founded Saman Archive, an archive of photographic negatives collected from studio and itinerant photographers across Ghana. This archive forms the basis of her curatorial practice and ongoing doctoral research in London’s Royal College of Art Titled, ‘Making Saman Archive: Curating Contact Through the Photographic Practices of Ghana’, her primary research interests are the aesthetic dimension of the ethnographic encounter, the form of the ethnographic document and researcher positioning within the diaspora context.

Adjoa’s Saman Archive portfolio features photographic negatives collected from studio and migratory photographers across Ghana.

Part of her work for Fashion Futures will entail digging into the cultural contexts within which Zimbabwe’s craft traditions emerged,in order to understand Zimbabwean visual culture, both in the current moment and within the context of older traditions, then represent it to the Zimbabwean public in a way that feels unfamiliar and allows a different sort of engagement, before presenting it to an international audience in a way that allows for the countries visual, cultural and narrative multiplicity to be understood.

The final content will constitute a broad range of stories that will form the material for a series of texts, a small publication, and short film.

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