Hello! My name is Audrey Mazhandu and I am excited to share with you information I have acquired through my training and personal experience on business etiquette.

Every week, I will write about a different topic under the International Business Etiquette theme. Posts will include lessons on how to optimize your business by observing International business etiquette guidelines.

International Business Etiquette offers insight into business and leadership- providing you with skills to project confidence, authority and polished networking techniques. (Courtney Carey)

Succeeding in today’s global economy is often measured by your ability to get along well with people, the right communication, motivating and building sustainable relationships. More importantly, success comes when you are able to put others at ease!


I was working in customer care and I encountered clients with different kinds of emotions every day. My reaction was to try and keep as calm as possible, handling every client with care and compassion and because of this, I was promoted to a managerial position.

I believed in self-branding and I wanted to learn more so that I could help others.

I attended classes on business etiquette at the School of Etiquette in Johannesburg, South Africa- what an eye-opening experience it was.

I couldn’t help but look at things differently, the world was moving at a fast pace and we all needed to be on board with these amazing transitions. Attention to detail, a smile, tone of voice, patience and sincerity can change an individual’s outlook on their personal business.

Audrey is passionate about helping Individuals in business, maximize their potential.

I hope you enjoy this journey with me.

Next week we discuss First Impressions.


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