HARARE, ZIMBABWE– Witness Musimuko, a 20-year-old vendor mucks around with pieces of clothing. “Let’s skyze,” he laughs with his friend.
“Skyze is street lingo for disguise,” Musimuko explains. “We’re going to look like we’re from another world with our new clothes,”.


Witness Musimuko (20) left his hometown of Chipinge for the capital Harare in 2016 after his mother died. He says the hype of living and working in the big city lured him. Unfortunately, things did not work out and he found himself homeless.

Musimuko and his friend are amongst a group of homeless citizens receiving clothing, hygiene packs, food, and grooming services at the Hellenic Sports Club. Today, the ‘EatOut Movement ZW‘ launched its first initiative in which CEOs were placed in a position of service to the homeless.

I was curious to see how the reversal of social standing would play out and I witnessed an impressive display of humanity.

Founder of the movement Henry Chigama was once homeless.

“The ‘CEO EatOut Movement’ is a social initiative which is meant to fight social inequalities,..- homelessness and poverty, that’s our main thrust. I was homeless before, and that’s what inspired me to start this kind of initiative. We are trying to bring in people to form a movement that will pull resources, knowledge, experience, skills.. to try and fight issues around homelessness and poverty in Zimbabwe and hopefully Africa,” says Chigama.
EatOut Movement ZW Founder Henry Chigama (32) was compelled to start the CEO EatOut initiative having experienced homelessness himself. In 2016, a business deal gone wrong rendered him homeless in South Africa. After a group of well-wishers helped him rebuild his life, he vowed to pay it forward and today his vision came to light.

The venue was divided into different stations to cater to the homeless’ needs.


The beneficiaries line up to receive clothing as part of the ‘CEO EatOut Movement initiative’.
After collecting their clothes, the beneficiaries were directed to mobile bath stations, where they freshened up and changed into their new gear.
The second grooming port consisted of a make-shift washing station.
Some barbers volunteered to give the beneficiaries fresh fades.
Manicures were also on offer from beauty therapists as part of the package.
Tinotenda Muroza (18) organises her hygiene pack.


Beneficiaries shared their health concerns with medical practitioners.

Provision was also made for beneficiaries to discuss job prospects with the CEOs.

CEO EatOut Movement 2018.

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  1. Woow well done team henry team eatoutmovement . This is a plus for humanity may God raise a standard more greater than what u anticipate .

  2. Well done Mr Chigama keep the spirit up. This should not be the end but expand to other cities. Well done once mo again bro.

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