For the past 5 days, I spent time with Chengetayi Mnisi affectionately known as ‘Pineapple’ capturing footage leading up to the launch of her creative studio on the 1st of December 2018. Pineapple was understandably nervous and anxious about the launch of Pineapple Creative Studio, but at this point, she had done significant marketing and PR including a radio interview, and there was no turning back.

Part of Pineapple’s social media advertising campaigns.

I could relate to her story on many levels. A young lady with a lifelong dream to touch lives through her craft and yet her journey was full of detours that served as stepping stones to the day she realises her dream.

Pineapple Creative Studio Launch 1 December 2018.

I watched Pineapple unleash a different skill set each day to make her dream a reality. Carefully planning every step of the launch, designing her own flyers, survey forms, and vouchers. She was very clear and strategic in naming the studio, which will offer amongst other services, Afro-Pop dance workshops. The ‘creative’ element of the studio is a reflection of the different directions she plans on taking her business.

Pineapple Creative Studio Launch 1 December 2018.

The biggest take away from briefly walking this journey with Pineapple was that you should never give up on your dreams, and once you are ready- things align. Most importantly, a healthy support system is important.

“This is history being made, 1 December 2018, you’ve helped me make my dream come true, so from the bottom of my heart, thank you,” Pineapple says to a group of participants, a few minutes after the conclusion of her first dance workshop.

Pineapple Creative Studio Launch 1 December 2018 with some of the participants at the Dance Trust of Zimbabwe, formerly National Ballet.

The video footage is a fun-filled and inspiring documentation of passion, love, friendship, and dedication.

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