Our Experiences In The Zimbabwean Dance Industry: Yeukai Zinyoro-Chandiposha and Lynsey Mambwere Exclusive

Yeukai Zinyoro-Chandiposha and Lynsey Mambwere have walked unique journeys in the Zimbabwean dance industry. Yeukai started off as part of the acclaimed Rolx Dance Crew and Lynsey worked with dance studios as well as the Innovative Dance Crew before going solo. Yet, when they chronicle their experiences, it is apparent […]

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24 Year Old Kudakwashe Kunzekweguta Launches The ‘No To Invisible Tattoos’ Movement To Address Abuse Within The Church

We live in a society that puts certain people on a pedestal, to a point where even when they commit despicable acts, people choose to protect them as opposed to the victims. These are the sentiments of 24-year-old Kudakwashe Kunzekweguta, founder of Women Association of Survivors (WAS). Kudakwashe was inspired […]


Best Of 2018

2018 was a great year for learning in terms of storytelling; we experimented with different mediums from photography to video to text. Combining all three allowed us to learn which medium best tells which kinds of stories. Below are our top 10 stories in terms of readership stats from October […]

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“We Are Not Doing Enough,” EatOut Movement Zimbabwe Shares Invaluable Lessons From the 2018 Homeless World Cup.

The Homeless World Cup is an International tournament held annually. This year, it was held in Mexico City with over 40 countries participating in the 4 aside, 15-minute tournament. In Zimbabwe, the Homeless World Cup is organised by the Young Achievers Sports For Development and they partnered with the EatOut […]