2018 was a great year for learning in terms of storytelling; we experimented with different mediums from photography to video to text. Combining all three allowed us to learn which medium best tells which kinds of stories.

Below are our top 10 stories in terms of readership stats from October 2018 when we launched the blog to December 2018. Thank you to the readers and to everyone who opened their hearts, homes or workspaces to Crooked Lanes and entrusted us to tell their stories.

10.#SmallBusinessFriday Featuring Vaka Collection.

Vaka Collection

#SmallbusinessFriday is a column on the blog that we aim to carry forward into 2019 as a platform to showcase start-ups. The edition featuring ‘Vaka Collection’ was the most read piece, a handmade jewellery collection for peace and wellness #ICYMI Read More here.

9. Amanda Manyeruke Launches the ‘One Hug A Day’ Campaign To Help Curb Suicide.

Amanda Manyeruke.

Gospel singer/Philanthropist Amanda Manyeruke shared her battle with depression, how she overcame it and her ‘One Hug A Day’ Campaign to help people struggling with mental health issues #ICYMI Read More here.

8. New Local Film ‘Goodman’ Sheds Light On Stereotyping Sex Workers.

Goodman film poster.

Our contributor Farai Shawn Matiashe attended the premiere of ‘Goodman’ by Zimbabwean production company Pikicha Afrika and submitted a compelling analysis of the film shot in Mutare, Zimbabwe #ICYMI Read More here.

7. The Inaugural SHERO Awards Gala Honour Unsung Female Heroes.

Founder Bianca Mari (left) with Charity Award Winner Midred Muzuva, founder of Yamurai Women Empowerment Group

UK based Zimbabwean philanthropist Bianca Mari hosted the inaugural Shero Awards Gala in Harare and awarded women performing exceptionally in their fields, but are otherwise unrecognized for their efforts #ICYMI Read More here

6. “If You Don’t Tell Your Own Story, Someone Else Will Tell It For You, A Ryan Koriya Exclusive.

Ryan Koroya. Credit-Image by Tanya Davidow.

Ibiza based Zimbabwean artist Ryan Koriya shares his story in this exclusive interview detailing how he mastered the art of self-education in the highly competitive music industry #ICYMI Read More here

5. Charity Maruva Hopes To Dispel Myths Against Seeking Family Therapy In The Black Community.

Charity Maruva.

Counselor Charity Maruva advocates for members of the black community to seek therapy services, on the background of cultural practices that dismiss and stigmatise mental health issues #ICYMI Read More here.

4. Soukaina M-L Edom’s Dance Institution Redefining Arts Education In Zimbabwe.

Soukaina M-L Edom, Founder AfriKera Arts Trust.

 Soukaina M-L Edom launched AfriKera Arts Trust in Harare, Zimbabwe, a dance institution that is proving to be a centre of excellence for students interested in pursuing an international career in dance #ICYMI Read More here.

3. “I Want My Art Piece To Be In Every City and Every Building In The World,” Founder of The Art Room Khadija R. Khan Shares Her Story.

Khadija Founder of The Art Room.

 Khadija R. Khan, an artist extraordinaire launched The Art Room in Zimbabwe this year, a concept art space from which she teaches students various art forms doubling up with Art Therapy #ICYMI Read More here.

2. EatOut Movement ZW Launches It’s First Initiative Towards Fighting Inequality.

CEOs being of service to the homeless at the first EatOut Movement ZW event this year.

EatOut Movement hosted the CEO EatOut Movement in which CEOs were of service to the homeless in Harare #ICYMI Read More here.

1. Princess Taderera Shares Her Breast Cancer Survival Story.

Princess Taderera, breast cancer survivor.

The most read story of 2018 on the blog is our exclusive with Princess Taderera in which she shares her breast cancer survival story #ICYMI Read More here.

We look forward to growing and sharing more with you in 2019.. Thank you!!

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