We all know that change can be very uncomfortable, but sometimes it is necessary for people to go through uncomfortable situations in order to grow. Any lifestyle improvement requires personal discipline, focused energy and action. I started building these simple habits for a happier and more fulfilling life.

1.Waking up early

I wake up at 5am on days when I need to catch up on work. This gives me more time to do all the things I always say I have no time to do, like meditation or making a healthy breakfast.

2.Plan my day or journaling

Planning my day makes me feel more organized and less anxious throughout the day.

3.Practicing daily gratitude and positive thinking

Gratitude helps me feel happier. I usually write about five things I am grateful for every morning. Appreciating what I already have, brings more joy and contentment. Positive thinking helps me experience more positive things in my life.


I exercise mainly to feel good about myself and to improve my overall health.

5.Eating healthy

A healthy diet that has adequate amounts of protein, healthy fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals is crucial to maintaining one’s optimal health, as well as nourishing the body with nutrient rich foods and lots of water.

“To successfully change your behavior, start by setting small goals and then aim for a quick win that will motivate you to keep going further. So, don’t let old habits hold you back. Go out there and shine brighter than a shooting star.”

Claudia is a Bulawayo based yoga enthusiast, wellness coach and the co-founder of Wellness Claudia Shop.

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